Promote Your Music On Tik Tok With These 9 Tips That Actually Work

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. It’s slightly different then say, Instagram or Facebook, because it’s not a photo app, but more of a video app. It may even remind you of the long gone Vine, which hit its peak in 2018. 

Tik Tok is definitely here to stay, and due to its popularity, a lot of musicians have been able to use the platform to promote their music. Some of them have amassed millions of followers and have been “discovered” by the music industry thanks to the enormous outreach a platform like Tik Tok gives them.

If you would like to start promoting your music on Tik Tok but aren’t too sure where to start, read on and discover nine tips that actually work that will help you do just that!

Put your music on Tik Tok

You can upload your original songs to Tik Tok’s library via CD Baby. Whenever anybody uses your music in their own Tik Toks, you’ll earn money. This is a great way to begin to monetize your content and get it out there through other user’s posts.

Follow other content creators

Aside from following other musicians to get a feel of what they post and what works for them, following other content creators in general is really useful to learn about current trends, what gets views and shares and what doesn’t. It’s really useful to understand Tik Tok trends and catch them at their peak because they tend to come and go very quickly.

Keep it fun

Tik Tok videos have an average length of 15 seconds although they can go all the way up to a full minute. The content you want to post on Tik Tok is different then, let’s say YouTube, in that you want to keep it fun and light hearted, letting your personality shine through and giving your followers a glimpse of your creative process as well as the final product. 

Stay weird

Tik Tok is not about posting a flawless, polished video. In fact, the weirder the better. Tik Tok users prefer a more raw, honest approach to content, and appreciate the flaws, quirks and general weirdness that people often try to hide in other social media platforms.

For the young ones, for now 

It’s true that the majority of users on Tik Tok are between the ages of 16 and 24. This means that if your content caters to them it’s a perfect platform to break ground and get your content known. If you cater to an older audience, Tik Tok may not be the platform where you get the most engagement, but do remember people grow up, and also older generations may embrace Tik Tok in time, just like they embraced Instagram or Facebook, so make sure you don’t miss out on all the possibilities just because you’re not engaging as many people as you hoped for.

Become a meme

Tik Tok is where the memes reign. Make yourself into one, be funny and witty. Memes turn into popular folklore over time and end up spreading far and wide, so consider that when posting your content.

It’s not just a song, it’s the musical moment

Don’t post just a song, use Tik Tok’s features to create a musical moment. Encourage your followers to repost it by doing a dance with it, loop it on top of something else, the possibilities are endless.

Use all your catalogue

Becoming successful on Tik Tok heavily depends on what’s catchy and “in” at the moment. Your latest song may not make the cut but a song from a while ago might. Don’t discard your older songs as you may find just as much success with them!

Not just about you but about everyone

Remember that Tik Tok is a social media app, and engagement with others is very important. This app thrives on creators inspiring others, not on putting creators above their audiences and dividing creators and consumers. Everyone can create, everyone can consume, don’t forget that when posting your music!

Guest article by Digital marketer Elizabeth Hines. A content writer at UK Writings service.

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