Shooting For The Stars With Arda And The Stolen Moon

New album from Arda & The Stolen Moon produced by Robert Camassa

Outsider in Perpetual Motion is the latest release by singer-songwriter Arda and the Stolen Moon, and it is brimming with brilliant melodies. Arda herself is a fully-fledged artist who knows exactly what she wants to say and how she plans on saying it. Each tune tells a distant story with a brilliant raw polish.

‘Emotional Hacking’ kicks off the album with a bitingly witty, incredibly catchy tune about our frustrating relationship with technology and its constant effect on our lives. ‘Signals,’ the third track, is a surprisingly touching melody about how we are able to connect to each other. ‘Signals’ also focuses on how human interaction has changed, and how it is stayed the same, across time. 

Track number six, ‘The Pebble In My Shoe,’ is a particularly timely song. The tune is about our tendency to be self-absorbed with trivial problems as opposed to taking care of one another. This rings especially true in the era of COVID-19, when the desire to resume our daily lives has seemingly eclipsed our inclination to keep one another safe. 

A Feminist Anthem: ‘Upset The Apple Cart’

‘Upset the Apple Cart’ is the seventh track on the album and a brilliant feminist anthem. The song addresses the devastating realities of misogyny and the abuse that women are forced to endure. Yet, it also serves as a rallying cry for women. A song that simultaneously manages to be so brutally honest and a call action is incredibly rare. 
Albums like this do not often come about, so it is unbelievably exciting when they do.

Arda and the Stolen Moon is not average in any sense of the word. This release is endlessly stylish and elegant. There is nothing like it to be found anywhere in the music scene. Outsider in Perpetual Motion has something for everyone, so do not be afraid to check it out – you will certainly not regret it.

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