Get “Happy” With Rory D’Lasnow

“Happy” is the latest release from Phil Robinson and Rory D’Lasnow, and it is already one of the most distinctive singles on the market. “Happy” lives somewhere between the genres of pop, rock, and folk. It would be easy to allow these very distinctive styles to clash with each other. However, Robinson and D’Lasnow somehow find a way for these genres to weave in and out of each other expertly. 

With all the catchiness of modern pop, it is the kind of tune that will live inside a listener’s head for days. “Happy” draws on the rock genre for its solid, unique beat. However, the song’s most distinctive feature is its utilization of the harmonica, whose usage is reminiscent of modern and traditional folk. 

A New Single from Phil Robinson and Rory D’Lasnow

Robinson and D’Lasnow, work together brilliantly. Their track features a truly natural chemistry between them, which gives “Happy” its incredible polish and smoothness. Not a single beat or note feels out of place or inappropriately used. However, Phil Robinson truly brings the piece together. His brilliant incorporation of the harmony has the song living in a league of its own. 

The song itself is simultaneously snappy and deeply tender. The intimate lyrics speak to a struggle distinctive to the singers yet relatable to every listener. It speaks to the desperation for human connection that was already a struggle before the pandemic.

After all these months of isolation, this “Happy” speaks to how acute this desire has become. It also displays our longing to find peace and happiness. Besides making the listener feel heard, it also gives us hope for a better future. 

Perhaps the point of “Happy” is to get us out of our own head, to allow us to view this time in our lives as fleeting. This enables us to hope for a brighter tomorrow. At its core, “Happy” reminds us that we are not alone and promises us that better times are on the horizon. Sometimes, all we need is a reminder. 

“Happy,” by Phil Robinson and Rory D’Lasnow, is currently available to buy and stream. 

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