Sydney Sexton is “Searching For Sanctuary”

Sydney Sexton

As 2020 comes to a close, many artists are looking back at the year that was and finishing it off strong. We all made the best of the year that wasn’t. Our friend Sydney Sexton has been working hard getting her music out there. Her latest solo release “Searching For Sanctuary” ties it all together.

The singer and songwriter born and raised in Moncton, NB, Canada had a childhood full of music. Sydney Sexton was exposed to a wide variety of musical genres which would later come to influence her own unique style. Her voice is sweet yet strong providing a flavor to everything she sings. Recently she has been collaborating with producer Michael J Foxx to expand her sound and release a string of singles that are getting noticed. 

The latest solo release by Sydney Sexton is the sexy ballad “Searching For Sanctuary”. Her sultry vocals are the highlight as she hits right in the gut with her mellow tone. Sounds seem to come from every angle to fill the speakers with a unique background that keeps the listener close. 

A well produced music video accompanies the song to paint more of the picture. Many of us can relate to lyrics like:

 “I hold it all in, all of my emotions, I keep it bottled in”

There is some pain shared here but with the talent and beauty of Sydney Sexton, that pain will not last long. There is a very bright future in the music industry ahead of her.

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