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Robert Eberle Wonders “Why Did I Lose a Friend”

Exceptional young New York based Singer/Songwriter Robert Eberle recently released his new single “Why Did I Lose a Friend” to Spotify and all the major services on Wed Sept 30th, 2020. Written and engineered by the talented singer/songwriter/keyboardist/guitarist/producer, with help from Denz Beatz and the mixing and mastering magic by Colton Lava, “Why Did I

Marius Holth Takes Us Through His ‘Wild Poem’

Some individuals are just meant to be in the arts. There is an artistic gene that guides them towards creativity in entertainment. Norwegian Marius Holth has had his turn in many spaces in the entertainment field. Most recently with his full-length record Wild Poem. Born in Trondhjem, Norway in 1971, Marius Holth grew up along