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Jennifer Truesdale Brings Us ‘Through The Circle’

Boston based singer-songwriter Jennifer Truesdale returns to center stage with her new CD “Through The Circle”. Written and arranged by Jennifer and co-produced with David Minehan at Boston’s famed Woolly Mammoth Sound. Moving seamlessly from blues, to soulful R&B, to jazz and gospel inspired melodies, Through The Circle speaks of love, loss, longing, laughter and

IAN HENDRIX Is Ready For A “Release”

Ian Hendrix is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer based in California who has developed a highly-individualized creative style. A former member of the United States Marine Corps, Hendrix makes music that is futuristic and anachronistic all at once. He uses electronic and organic sounds as well as anything else that stimulates his soul to arrive

Julia King Shares her “Lovers Lament”

If her last name wasn’t enough of a clue, then Julia King’s new single “Lovers Lament” should clear up any confusion as to whether or not she’s the epitome of modern indie music royalty. “Lovers Lament” takes her stylish and versatile palate and gears it towards a wicked cocktail of Motown-inspired R&B and straight-up jazz