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Rachel Brunet Will love You ‘Morning Noon and Night’

Rachel Brunet’s ‘Morning Noon and Night’ feels reminiscent of the late 90s/early 2000s ballads, pushing aside the more explicit nature that some contemporary lyrics have adopted. Instead, Brunet opts for words that are gentler and tender without forgetting the passion needed for a love song.  In the track, the singer proclaims her love stating she’s

Katie Belle Has ‘Symptoms’ of Greatness

Katie Belle’s ‘Symptoms’ is the classic pop music package – it’s got that hooky chorus, a pulsating beat, and is topped off with slick production.  As I hit play, her crystal-clear vocals hit me, perfectly complementing the razor-sharp accompaniment. It’s like her voice is whispering sweet nothings directly into your ears, leaving you with a