Rachel Brunet Will love You ‘Morning Noon and Night’

Rachel Brunet’s ‘Morning Noon and Night’ feels reminiscent of the late 90s/early 2000s ballads, pushing aside the more explicit nature that some contemporary lyrics have adopted. Instead, Brunet opts for words that are gentler and tender without forgetting the passion needed for a love song. 

In the track, the singer proclaims her love stating she’s “gonna love you, morning, noon and night” and tuning into the hope that new love brings. A new dawn of romance can pull you out of the darkness when you feel like you’re at your lowest. That hope is something we can all relate to.  

‘Morning Noon and Night’ also touches on the idea of perseverance. After the initial infatuation, relationships can fall into a rut. In Brunet’s melodies, the idea of putting in the work and reigniting the passion is the life source of any couple. 

In the final chorus, Brunet flips the perspective of the song, saying “You’re gonna love me, morning, noon and night,” exhibiting the need for these emotions to be reciprocated to feel them fully. However, the song ends on a sombre note, suggesting that by the time her partner’s love has fully blossomed, it’s too late. 

The idea of loving someone throughout each phase of the day resonates with us all. Even if you can’t attribute that feeling to a romantic relationship, we all have family and friendships that help us navigate life’s fog and bring us back into the clear. 

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