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Welsh Avenue has ‘Come Back Home’

As artists we always must be open to altering our direction. Styles will change. Our own moods will change. And it is ok to follow those changes and experiment with what makes you happy. The musical muse is a fickle thing that can, and should, take you in many directions. Our friend Mark DiLillo from

Fire “Burns” Within The Bergamot

With new COVID variants running ramped and ruining holiday plans for many, music that speaks to feeling alone is more relatable than ever before. Brooklyn, NY based band The Bergamot have channeled that energy into their last release of 2021 with a single titled “Burns.” “Burns” speaks to the yearning and desperation to be with

AllOne Asks “Don’t We?”

Lyrical gunslinger Bruce Pandolfo, who records and performs under the moniker AllOne, has premiered the animated music video for his mesmerizing tale of two cities “Don’t We? (feat. Brian Kjellgren of Sargasm).” AllOne conjures two characters’ dreamscapes with his unique blend of rapid fire delivery and knack for scene setting storytelling. Bri Martinsen, whose animation