Finding Love with ‘Un grand amour’

A New Track from Carla Bruni

‘Un grand amour’ is Carla Bruni’s latest track, and one of her first original songs to be released in seven years. Bruni’s return to writing and composing marks a deeply exciting time for French music. 

Since Bruni began her musical career in 1997, she has consistently brought people together through the intensity of her art. In a time when so much seems hopeless and so many people are feeling the weight of loneliness, ‘Un grand amour’ has arrived. 

The track features Bruni’s signature, smooth vocals that blend seamlessly with the minimalist instrumentation. The listener immediately hones in on Bruni’s voice, and somehow she makes you feel as though she is your dearest friend who has stopped by for a visit. This effect is inexplicable, but somehow Bruni manages to accomplish it. 

Combining Genres

‘Un grand amour’ is situated somewhere between experimental pop and European modern folk. Bruni was able to craft a song steeped in sentimentality, gentleness, and romance by combining these genres. There is truly no one else in the music scene who does what Bruni does. 

Apart from the mesmerizing French lyrics, the accompanying music video for Bruni’s track is intensely intimate. Functioning somewhat like an avant-garde short film, the video features a variety of people dancing along to ‘Un grand amour.’ 

It creates the most incredible sense of nostalgia for a time when there was no concern for such direct contact. Yet, watching the joy and contentment on their faces fills the viewer with a genuine sense of peace. In the dancers, we can see ourselves. We see hope for a gentler future. Indeed, this may be the greatest feature of this song – it gives the listener hope. Right now, we all need a little bit of hope. 

‘Un grand amour,’ by Carla Bruni, is currently available to listen to and stream. 


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