Mae Krell’s “colorblind” Will Leave You Breathless

Mae Krell might be the most exciting voice in the indie pop scene today. At just 22 years-old, Krell’s music possesses an incredible amount of strength and polish. With an expert use of the guitar, “colorblind” will leave the listener stunned and wanting more. They have a firm understanding of their genre and how to wield musical weaponry.

“colorblind” will leave the listener in awe of their style and maturity. Written during quarantine, anyone can tell that Krell has put all of themselves into this song. Among their musical inspirations, Krell has listed artists such as Phoebe Bridgers and Bob Dylan, and that is easy to see in this single. They were able to learn from these musicians and create their own entirely unique style. They truly do not sound like anyone else, and that may be the most exciting thing in an artist.

The track is almost shockingly personal, detailing an emotional breakup underwent by Krell. Leaving no holds barred, “colorblind” is able to express the sense of utter defeat and confusion that comes with ending a love affair. It is the kind of song that every listener is going to relate to. Krell understands how music works.

They are able to create an experience that somehow feels personal to everyone while still being true to their own experience. It is breathtaking, melancholy, and genuine all at once. Pair this with Krell’s smooth vocals and it is hard to imagine not falling in love with “colorblind.”

For fans of Krell’s work, this track is sure to impress. It keeps the honesty and intensity of their past music while exhibiting how far their style has come. Krell is one of those artists to keep an eye on. They are a special kind of talent, the kind who only enters the arena once in a blue moon. You will not want to miss their musical journey.

Take A Listen To “colorblind” Below

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