Get ‘Toxic’ With Tai Mistyque

Tai Mistyque

When an artist understands they were given a gift to create and perform, it is their job to share that with others. Everyone must play their part to create a better world for all. Our recent find Tai Mistyque has accepted this mission and continues to share with her latest single “Toxic.”

The singer and songwriter was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. From an early age Tai Mistyque realized she had a uniquely strong relationship with music. She is able to use her smooth vocals to write music for everyday people, especially women. This relatable style brings the listener deep into the song. Based on R&B, Tai Mistyque adds in elements of EDM and Alt-Pop to create something that is truly her sound. 

For her new single “Toxic” Tai Mistyque is taking it to the next level. To help provide the big dance-pop sound, Johnny Innuendo was brought in to produce. Mission accomplished. The song shares the story of an unexpected love connection so powerful that someone is determined to keep it. As usual Tai Mistyque angles the song towards the woman’s perspective to act as an empowerment anthem. Her sultry vocals rise and fall to keep the listener in tune with the meaning. The big sound makes the song ready for the club as well as a romantic evening. 

“Toxic” is available now on all major platforms now. Follow Tai Mistyque on Instagram for more of her story.

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