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Charley Young Asks Us To “Hold The Moon”

New York’s EDM and Sythpop music scene is vibrant with lots of great talent and Charley Young (originally from San Diego), is one with a single track out, “Hold The Moon,” which comes in two mixed forms. This smoking hot artist gets around with her singles but this new one is particularly extraordinary and stands

ASCEND With Illenium’s New Album

During his period of coaching lacrosse and delivering food, the young Nicholas Miller suffered a heroin overdose. Supposedly, this epiphany led to his strict concentration on his music, enhancing his skill to craft the image he represents today. Miller, known by his musical pseudonym, is witnessing over seventeen million monthly Spotify listeners. Illenium is a

DoktorKlein is Back To Hear Us ‘Confess’

As we age the music inside us never fades. It was put there with a mission. That mission of creating new sounds for the world to hear will never die. Keep doing what you love even if you need to take breaks during your life to attend to ‘normal’ life. Our friend DoktorKlein has been