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Martha Wash Returns With ‘Love & Conflict’

Staying in this crazy music business for a decade is a tough grind. Keeping at it for 4 decades is an accomplishment that needs recognition, even if your face is still relatively unknown. The story of Martha Wash is one that many of you may not know. You have undoubtedly heard the big voice of

Falling For MkX’s Newest Release

Songwriter and producer MkX dropped “Fall” on August 26, not in preparation for colder weather but as a self-proclaimed anthem to avoiding heartbreak. Like pop classics Britney Spears and Ariana Grande, this artist exudes confidence in his latest track. “Fall” is the song listeners plays when they’re ready to bump the volume and the swagger

Don’t Sleep on ‘Electric Dreams’ by N2BLU

The constant stream of songs keeps coming from our friends from N2BLU. They just seem unable to slow down but it is paying off. Fans never have to wait too long to latch onto the groups next track. Prepare for ‘Electric Dreams’. The dynamic duo of Jonathan Arceneaux and Konstantin Smorodnikov keep their musical experimentation