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As artists we all must absorb all influence around us and share it in our art. Also be free to use all your talents in your art. The more you give, the more you get. Our recent discovery Natalievna21 is more than willing to put herself into all aspects of her art.

We had the chance to chat with the multi-talented artist and get a peek behind the scenes of her new video for “Barbie Girl”. Enjoy the interview:

First off, what prompted the name Natalievna21 ( DJ SARA )?

Well it all started maybe when I was a teenager 🙂 Natalievna21 was born from my original name Natalie and 21 number because my birthday is on 21 of November. So simple )) I just wanted these parts of me become my artist nickname and be unique in it’s own way. But as a dj when I perform I introduce myself as DJ SARA I chose SARA name and I don’t know why )) There is no explanation for that , just sometimes I do what my inner voice tell me to do and I just listen to it carefully ) So ” Natalievna21 ” that’s me and my official artist nickname that’s how you can find me and my works in google search. And Sara is my nickname for dj performace. Easy and unique in it’s own way )

How would you describe your sound?

I could say that it can be different. Like me. I can be different like any other person has her or his own huge world within. Everyone is a Universe I believe. So what I am trying to say is that I write songs in indie pop/alternative style which reflects some sides of me. And these are the genres that I love and listened to always even before starting making my own music , so I try to write in the styles which I would prefer to listen myself , that’s what my soul needs. And another side of me as a dj has a lot of energy. When I play on the stage my styles are hard and energetic with 150+ bpm. And these are the  electronic styles in which I am producing own tracks so it’s all quite opposite to the previous genres but I also love it so much. That’s why each genre can find own listner and I am sure that my audience will find exactly what they like and need to hear in my music creations 🙂

‘Barbie Girl’ by Natalievna21

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

I think each of them ) When you create something everything comes from your mind and heart together but everything what you heard or saw made somehow an influence on you also. So it’s like creating something and completing all the pieces of your imagination to the finale picture together that comes naturally by inspiration and actions )

Tell us about your newest single “Barbie Girl” 

I think this song differs from my previous works in its genre and style ) As I mentioned before my music is different : can be indie pop/ alternative, can be in hard dance styles. And for my indie pop songs I always used piano, violin, strings or other soft sounds. But this one includes electronic elements with the beats and still in the pop style as song composition together. That is new for me also cause I never did something like that before 🙂

How does a song come together for you? What is your songwriting process?

 When I create music I can do it in various ways. Starting with melody, experiment and then sing on top of it, or vice versa ,for example, when I’ve got an inspiration and the song comes naturally I sing it to the phone voice recorder ( not to lost the idea, actually I have a lot of such recordings ) And then I try to create the melody which naturally came with this vocal to make full composition and record vocal properly ) I think every music producer has such insights in music, so the inspiration need to be catched at the right time not to lost the idea and to develop it at once. With my tracks it’s much more different cause there should be tons of electronic elements so the workflow process will be for me not the same also. 

I just sit and try, experiment. I never know how it will sound like in the end but I know the genres in which I want it to be. But anyway I went to deep with the explanations, coming back to ” Barbie Girl ” again 🙂 Firstly the song rithm popped up in my head and  I recorded it immediately on my phone to remember the idea, then I wrote the lyrics ( which always comes naturally with my songs ) and the main thing for me was creation of the music that fits to a melody in my head, and that’s the most difficult part for me always ) Easier to create melody first ) But I tried many variations and finally found the right synth sound which I loved the most and acordes which fitted. Actually it eventually worked out even better than in my head which was a pleasant surprise for me. Song became a little different but I loved the finale version and then beats and all the other parts of the song came through experiment process. In my head it wasn’t electronic but it turned to become that  and I am truly happy with the result because that what it is  – the real art of creation, everything comes at the right time and pieces comes together eventually. Then it’s just hard work on fixing everything together and mixing, mastering process which need patience and many tries. But every time when I finish everything I feel joy to show the world what I’ve made in the end, cause it’s always a miracle to create something from the zero to the result 🙂

There is also an amazing music video for the song. What can you tell us about putting that together?

I always put heart and soul in every my song and video creation. There is always a story behind it  and the character should reflect the lyrics meaning to make the full picture for viewers and help them to dive deeply in such a short story like a little movie itself. 

Each of my music videos is different and unique to fit each song’s story and the ideas and elements locations come to me naturally with inspiration always. And that is how it happened with ” Barbie Girl “. When I wrote the lyrics and created the song I already knew that I want to make a music video for it also ( I do it not for every my song ) but for this one I wanted so much because I saw it in my mind already and I wanted to create this character to spread the meaning of the song to everyone visually to describe all the emotions of it. Then editing as one of the most important elements same like mixing and mastering for the song 🙂 And for sure I do it all by myself what usually takes a lot of time and effort ) In videos each picture and moment should  fit to the beat and the song together so the main thing is to put all the pieces in one but when you finally do it you understand that it was worth it, cause the finale video will never leave your heart untouched and that all will just help to feel it better. So why are we still talking about it? Go watch the video by yourself and you will understand what I mean 🙂

As the star of the video, did your other career as an actress help it go well?

Sure ) I act in every music video acording to the character that I create and this is the magical state when you can trasform yourself and show the real emotions. I love to act so that’s why this part of my career is very important also ) First music videos, then movies step by step )

Share some advice for other artists building a full brand for themselves.

I think the most important thing for everyone who wants to reach success in life, and not only as an artist but in any profession that you choose you need to understand that nothing is happening at once. That’s why my one and only advice will be – 

” Never give up! ” Such a simple phrase but so much meaning inside. There always will be some difficult moments when you are tired that nothing work out like you want or you still don’t get the result that you want but if you continue you will see it definitely. Nobody knows how long you should try before you get it but if you believe in that and work towards your goal no matter what – you will have it eventually. So never give up and believe in your success and you will have it with time. That is what I tell myself and that is what I can tell to everyone – ” Never give up! One day all this will bring you result. Just believe in that and keep going towards your goal and in other things Universe will help you also ” 🙂

What does 2022 hold for Natalievna21( DJ SARA ) ?

Changes. I believe that it will bring huge changes in my career and I work towards it. And for sure I have many ideas and upcoming projects which I would like to share with the world. Just need some time and effort. So follow my Spotify, Youtube and Instagram to stay updated about new things. Something big is coming soon, your Natalievna21 🙂

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