Avsha The Awesome Releases Debut Album

Nowadays Atlanta is mostly synonymous with hip hop and its super stars but Atlanta Georgia has always been a hotbed of talent. The immortal Ray Charles was born just outside the city in Albany Georgia. John Meyer and The Black Crows are other big names that come to mind when I think of the ATL. The lo-fi duo known as Lowertown (Olivia O and Avsha Weinberg) have been busy representing their city, amassing streams and grabbing headlines.

With Lowertown’s second EP in the books, the timing was perfect for Avsha the Awesome to release his solo project Warming My Arms in the Oven on Lowertown’s home label Dirty Hit. The lead single, “Boogieman” is raw. It reminds me of the first time I heard Beck’s debut album Mellow Gold.

The drums are menacingly blunt. The analog sounds draw us in closer like keys we jingle at a puppy. A gripe I frequently have is a band losing its “live feel” when in the studio, but I don’t believe that’s an issue we encounter with this song, nor this EP. The cymbals are crisp, the synths cut, the mix accentuates the samples just right.

Listen to Warming My Arms in the Oven below

I really enjoyed the track “Arm Is Ready” with its LCD Soundsystem’s mannerisms sprinkled throughout. The synth bops along to the guitar in an “I’m dusting inside a dusty house” kind of way. The cut is certified dirty. Avsha’s vocals guide us through the song like a favorite story we’ve heard before and we want to hear again.

The track “I Can Say Bye Bye” is a phenomenal songwriting showcase. The grand piano keys set the tone. The acoustic guitar accents maintain the tempo. The vocals gently shower over the listener like a hot shower after submerging in the Pacific Ocean.

The theme of the EP is the strife young adults face assimilating into their perceived roles in society. While we all go through puberty, the struggle never stops. We all must continue to adapt to a constantly changing world and our forever changing lives. It’s no wonder Avsha the Awesome has struck a chord with his listeners as he battles his demons, we battle ours. I suppose it’s comforting to know that we are battling them together. 

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  • review by Israel Chavarin

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