Owen Lodger Opens Up With ‘Midnight Madness’

Owen Lodger

One of my favorite parts of running Indie Band Guru is getting the opportunity to hear music before it is released. This gives us the chance to have a fresh take on new songs without any influence of the public. That freedom allows us to have our own opinion. And a beautiful thing about music is that each person can relate to it differently and that is perfectly fine.

Today we were sent the debut single “Midnight Madness” by Owen Lodger. The song is set for release on June 30th, 2023. Owen has been songwriting for a decade now and is finally ready to share his music with the world. Originally from Birmingham, UK, he is now living in Beijing, China. 

As we dive into “Midnight Madness” we can tell that Owen Lodger has a fresh style that aims to bring a new sound to the scene. An exotic synth beat opens up the track to really catch the listener’s attention. Producer Max Honsinger (Jake Bugg, Years & Years, The 1975) was brought in to help with this new tone. As the vocals come in we can hear the emotion that Owen Lodger wants to share with the listener. The wide assortment of interesting sounds keeps us affixed to where the songwriter is trying to take us. Each twist and turn adds to the midnight madness.

Owen Lodger plans to release a string of singles this year. Keep an ear out on his INSTAGRAM.

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