Evan Charles Brings Us ‘ Between Two Worlds’

Evan Charles

As a band grows and matures, you will often find their sound changing. This development is great as members work together towards a common goal. A downside of this is that sometimes the individual members lose their own path along the way. One way to alleviate this is to produce a solo record every now and then to act as an outlet for music that is bouncing around in your head that may not be a good fit for the band as a whole. Evan Charles has had success with his band Altamesa but now is venturing off with a debut solo album Between Two Worlds on Mr Pink Records. 

The singer, guitarist and songwriter has been a mainstay of the Austin, Texas music scene for quite a while now. As leader of the Cosmic Americana band Altamesa, Evan Charles has built a strong base with 2 well received and well reviewed albums. But as the band shifts to a more punk influenced sound, Evan has some other song ideas that he wanted to release to the world. 

The result is the aptly titled solo record Between Two Worlds. The 12-track album sits in the middle of Evan Charles hill country Americana roots and the more modern space that he has experimented with more recently. Opening up with “Remember When” gets us rolling along with a peppy Country Americana beat. The mix is filled with sound over interesting storyteller lyrics. We get deeper and slightly darker on “Low Road Runnin’.” The straight drumbeat pushes the song forward as big guitar chord strums provide more punch. The focus returns to more poignant Evan Charles lyrics.

The tone bounces back to a more classic Americana style on “Time To Move On.” Evan Charles leans on his emotional vocal style to push the point. This is heartfelt and made to make you think. Songwriting at its highest level. This emotion-fueled style continues through “ Heavy Rains Back Home” and “Another Heartbreak Slipped Away.” The musical styles shift slightly but the feelings are the same as the singer lays it all out there.

The tone turns up on “Left Behind” as the instrumentation fills the speakers with melodies that will bounce around the listener’s mind. The reality of the lyrics brings the relatability to a musician that is just like you and I. Evan Charles shows off some of that interesting experimentation on “The Return.” The full spectrum of sound that has flashed all over this record is on full display on this darker track. The reverb drenched vocals add to the picture that is being painted.

Evan Charles has certainly delivered on this record. There is something for everyone who loves good songwriting on Between Two Worlds

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