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The Good Morning Nags Are ‘No Damn Good’

Critics from coast to coast are in universal agreement – country music is desperately in need of a makeover. The once vibrant symbol of American artistry and vitality hasn’t aged as well as rock n’ roll or R&B, and artists like The Good Morning Nags are intent on giving it the shot of adrenaline that

Jeremy Parsons Lets Us Know ‘Things I Need To Say’

The opener for Jeremy Parsons thirteen song album Things I Need to Say, “Makin’ Things Up As I Go”, is an immensely approachable tune with genuine traditional country coupled with a breezy pop song like structure. Parsons has an appealing, youthful voice cut with just enough of that classic “High Lonesome” vocals helping him accentuate

Matt Westin Ready To Start His ‘Legacy’

There are a lot of ways that artists express themselves in music, whether it be through their lyrics, the instrumentation or even the production of a record itself. Music exists to express all of the emotions for which there no words, and that isn’t limited to one specific aspect of a song over another. In