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Bryan Eggers Makes us All ‘Happy People’

A musician must accept influences at every turn. A good one will usually experiment in different styles before finding thier own true voice. Our recent discovery Bryan Eggers has taken in all that was in front of him and traveled down interesting roads to come upon the amazing artists that he now is.   The

Kanisha K Knows ‘Talk is Cheap’

The heartfelt authenticity of “Talk is Cheap” is fast becoming a hallmark of Kanisha K’s songs and this latest single release will, undoubtedly, experience even greater success than her preceding efforts. It’s not hard to explain why. Kanisha K never cheats the listener with pat songs about time-tested themes; instead, “Talk is Cheap” tackles the

James Lee Baker brings Us ‘Home Again’ 

The new album Home Again by James Lee Baker is the perfect fusion of California’s easygoingness, Coloradan singer/songwriter grit, British rebelliousness, and Canadian endurance. Featuring a lineup of musicians from all four of those locations, Home Again is by far the most splendidly diverse country album of the latter half of the 2010s, but its draw isn’t limited to