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Avsha The Awesome Releases Debut Album

Nowadays Atlanta is mostly synonymous with hip hop and its super stars but Atlanta Georgia has always been a hotbed of talent. The immortal Ray Charles was born just outside the city in Albany Georgia. John Meyer and The Black Crows are other big names that come to mind when I think of the ATL. The

Kick and the Hug Set For Big Introduction

Over the years the music industry and how bands build a career has changed dramatically. The passion to create great music will always be at the forefront. With this in a band’s arsenal the process can take many different paths. Our new friends from Kick and the Hug have seen this evolution and are now

IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Pepper Lewis

New York native now LA living emerging pop artist Pepper Lewis has recently released her debut single “Planetarium” as well as her newest single “Same Stuff.” A passion for helping and connecting with others and inspiration from her own personal life experiences is what Pepper Lewis’ music is all about. We sat down with Pepper