Race To Neptune show us ‘The Dead Sea Sounds’

Race To Neptune

Race to Neptune are creating timeless psych-rock on their defining new release. The Dead Sea Sounds is the debut album from this Colorado-based band. They are known for their explosive energy in the Fort Collins and Denver scenes, and they translate this effortlessly onto the record. Fans of alt-rock of all varieties can find something to enjoy from this newly released album.

“Song of the Siren” leads off the album, diving straight into a heavier sound. The guitar, drums, and bass come in one by one driving the tempo of the track. The song gets into a hypnotic groove in the verse, all the instruments locked in with the vocals. The chorus explodes with raw rock energy, and the guitar solo that ends the song is wild and chaotic

The second song, “Weightless Arrival,” is one of the lead singles for The Dead Sea Sounds. In this track, we get more of a sense of how the band plays together. They are tight-knit, with weighty guitar riffs layered over a thunderous rhythm section. Vocals trade-off, creating a captivating call-and-response.

“Carry Me Love” is an interesting song that shows off the depth of Race to Neptune’s songwriting. Shimmering guitars invoke ocean waves as the song ebbs and flows like the tide. This song is multi-faceted, with less of a heavy sound than the previous songs, but still the same characteristic energy.

Another lead single, “Tear it Out,” is a stadium-sized alternative rock song. This track is reminiscent of the heights of rock on the radio. A powerful song, energized by a catharsis that runs through the veins of this song. This is a great song to check out to get a sense of Race to Neptune’s appeal.

“Like a Fairytale” is another defining track on this album. With a washed out intro, this song leads into an ethereal collage of instruments. textures blend together like a watercolor picture, melodies drift around wistfully.

The album closes off on the title track split into three parts. The first is hypnotic, droning guitars form a wall of sound that washes the listener away and transports them into the world of the song. The second picks up the pace, evolving into a energetic and emotional anthem. The final part serves almost as a retrospective for the whole album, perfectly embodying the sonic ideas found on The Dead Sea Sounds.

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