Justin Levinson Rounds it out With ‘Collamer Circle”

Justin Levinson

Even if you have been creating music for a long while, it is always beneficial to work with other talented artists. Collaborating is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing. This forced accountability will drive you to be your best self. Our recent find Justin Levinson has a legacy of making music and is pushing it even further on his latest album Collamer Circle with the help of Ben Patton.

The Vermont based singer/songwriter was born into the music lifestyle. The father of Justin Levinson (Bob Levinson) was constantly on the road or in the studio creating music. Songwriting is in his blood and one of his greatest strengths. Justin has won the renowned Billboard Song Contest and has previously released 4 full-length albums. After a 4-year stint in Los Angeles, he has returned to his roots in Vermont to release new music. 

Finding that spark back in his hometown was easy for Justin Levinson with the help of collaborator Ben Patton. The pair have had a musical bond since their high school years, but never officially worked together until now. Ben’s father (Will Patton) was also a working musician so the lifestyles matched well. He has also been a staple of the scene with twelve albums under his belt. 

Pushing each other to a high level resulted in the release of Justin Levinson’s new record Collamer Circle. These therapeutic and reflective sessions created a collection of melodic power pop with a focus on emotional songwriting. As we open with “Madeline For The Win” we immediately feel that pop energy laid back in a folk-drenched singer style. The track will get you head bobbing along while the melodies carry you away. 

The change up to some minor chords on “Lead Me To You” shows some real range as a songwriter. There may be a dark feel but the joy is still everpresent. Some pretty organ fills make sure of that. The full story of the song is a journey in itself. Fun pop returns on “Baby You’ve Arrived” with its bouncy style. The vocal style is laid back but delivered with passion just the same. The starts and stops of the beat keep the listener attuned throughout. 

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Emotion takes the lead again on “I Need Somebody Now” with the added touch of some grinding guitar before bouncing back to a sweet melody that puts that smile back on your face even if the story isn’t the happiest. Another lesson in expert songwriting that never relinquishes your attention. A rocking beat pumps the blood up on “Tin Foil Hat Parade.” Perhaps the most aggressive track of the album, Justin Levinson has a way of still creating a soft landing. Some background vocals beg us all to sing along while a fun guitar solo and interesting sounds pop in as well.

“No One Can Be Your Everything” brings back some classic soft rock feels but stays uniquely modern taste that Justin Levinson delivers. Just a plain old pretty song all the way through. The album closes with more depth on “Tuning Out and Plugging In” as melodies weave in and out. Some horns sneak in to add another layer as the chuggin guitar provides the tempo. Another head bopper for sure. 

Overall Justin Levinson, with the help of Ben Patton, has released a phenomenal album in Collamer Circle. We give it a must listen status. 

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