Sarah Burton is Royalty With ’64 Magic Queens’

Sarah Burton

What finds its way to the surface when listening to Sarah Burton’s latest album 64 Magic Queens is the wholesome positivity that flows through the entirety of the album. Despite the less-than-positive subjects that Burton discusses, such as heartbreak and unfulfillment, her Southern State charm delivers the lyrics in a way that immediately gets you on her side and convinces you that you’re on the right team. 

The album possesses a somewhat underappreciated musical style. Burton isn’t trying to sing the highest, the music isn’t designed to rave to, and it’s not produced to shock. It is a piece of art that tells stories and invites you into the world in which they inhabit. 64 Magic Queens isn’t fighting for your attention, it is awaiting your inevitable arrival.

64 Magic Queens opens with ‘I Hate Goodbyes,’ easing into the tone of the album. The track is a fun, foot-tapper where Burton introduces new listeners to her musical style. This easy listening undertone continues for the first half of the album, the music feeling like a warm campfire on a cold evening. 

‘You Say You Want More’ sets a slower pace. Compared to the initial 5 tracks which all possess a more fast-paced quality, track 6 allows us a breather. This is where Burton’s vocal shines. Paired with a more stripped-back musical accompaniment, the singer is allowed to flex both her singing talent and lyrical ability. 

The album concludes with ‘Today is Gonna Be the Day,’ a perfect end. The track has a bittersweet mood simmering throughout. The lyrics tell the tale of a positive future where everything works out well. However, there’s a feeling that getting to that “day” is never going to come to fruition. Despite the plans we make and the dreams we have, there’s a shadow stalking us, reminding us that we may never fulfil those desires. 

With an Alanis Morissette-esque vocal, a Weezer-like song structure, and Harry Nilsson-inspired lyrics, Burton has created an album that has a drop of something for everyone. 


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