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ASCEND With Illenium’s New Album

During his period of coaching lacrosse and delivering food, the young Nicholas Miller suffered a heroin overdose. Supposedly, this epiphany led to his strict concentration on his music, enhancing his skill to craft the image he represents today. Miller, known by his musical pseudonym, is witnessing over seventeen million monthly Spotify listeners. Illenium is a

EL MO3 Lead us To”Morgan’s Mirage”

EL MO3, a.k.a. Morgan Greenburger, is a sober DJ and producer living and working in New York City. His original music cuts across typical EDM boundaries and exhibits a composer’s touch and expression not often heard in electronic music. His latest track, the single “Morgan’s Mirage,” is a hypnotic, house-infused bit of esoterica that combines

SONIC RADIATION Shoots through “Infrared”

Sonic Radiation, a.k.a. Todd Last, is an electronic dance music artist in Dallas, Texas who makes captivating, modern music without ever letting go of the essence of the genre. As a creator, Sonic Radiation has his vision fixated on the future of EDM and is working hard to be one of the people helping to