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Nikotene Wants To Get ‘Lost With You’

One truth of the music industry will always be to make connections and collaborate. The more people you work with the more influence you will get and the more lessons you will learn. Nothing gives an artist more skills than getting out there and making as much music as possible. Our recent discovery N I

Karamilk Starts Us Off With ‘Gone’

Music has been an escape for people since the beginning of time. Whether listening to it or creating it, music has a way of becoming just what we need it to be. Our recent find Karamilk is one such story of this power. The 21-year-old singer/songwriter Erin Foster, aka Karamilk, grew up in the rural

The Wav-Legion Collaboration Brings It All Together

Wav-Legion is a collaborative album made by independent artists Wav-Dr. and Shavon Bonnie Legion, which is, among other things, showing the world how powerful underground musicians can be when working together. Wav-Dr. is a Canadian musician, songwriter, and producer and Shavon Bonnie Legion is a singer/songwriter from California. The pair connected on the Blockchain music