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Brooke Josephson Does Not Need “Mr. Fix It”

Californian singer/songwriter Brooke Josephson has been impressing critics around the country with her songwriting prowess and incredible execution of otherwise simple pop/rock tunes, and in her new single “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” listeners get to experience one of her most popular songs from an entirely different perspective, which is debatably even more exciting

IBG Interview – 8 Questions With…. Rouleaux

Real artists should always be experimenting with new styles and sounds. Always be trying to create something fresh and new. And always try to say something with your music. Our recent find Rouleaux is doing all of this.  We caught up with him to get behind his body shaking musical style and share the latest track

Cozmic Relies On His ‘Lady Luck’

To be a successful artist in today’s ‘what have you done for me lately’ society, you must be producing a steady stream of music and content for your fans. It also helps to stay in front of your fans on social media and connecting with them on a more personal basis. Our friend Cozmic has