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Silvermouse Brings The Craziness To ‘Earthadelik’

Though it is almost entirely synthetic in nature and design, there’s nothing inorganic about the chills that the harmony in “Little Ratty,” one of the ten songs found on Silvermouse’s Earthadelik LP, induces whenever listeners decide to give it a spin. In this track, as well as in the guitar-laden “Dream Valley,” surreal “Spores in My Dermis”

Mooning over “Modern Ritual” EP

MOONZz is a dynamic singer/songwriter who artfully blends sultry R&B vocals with inventive lyrics to create moody tracks that err on the side of supernatural. In the span of two EPs, Trust Cycles (2016) and Aftershock (2018), she has formed partnerships with world-renowned companies like Sephora and Spotify, joined the stages of Coachella Valley Music

N2BLÜ Whips Up A ‘Hurricane’

Staying in front of your fans is more important than ever in the current music industry. We have been preaching for a while now to make sure you keep a constant stream of content coming out. Release new songs, share new photos, tell stories. Our friends from N2BLÜ have taken this advice and are back