Alvin Harrison has Something To Say With ‘Baby Baby’

When there is passion behind a songwriter the music will shine through, no matter the genre. Sometimes an artist will develop and change his style mid career. You must do what feels right for yourself…. and the music. Alvin Harrison is an artist that let the music speak to him and his new sound has yielded great results.

A decade ago the veteran singer/songwriter started using his music to make a statement. Alvin Harrison formed The 99% Collective to address the sociopolitical issues challenging the United States. Now 10 years later the issues have not improved, in fact they have intensified in many ways. The music needed to intensify as well. 

Now based in Cancun, Mexico, Alvin Harrison has shifted his sound to the electro-pop/EDM world. This added energy has made the statements of the artist reach a wider and more diverse audience. He has always had something to say and now more people can hear him.

One of the tracks that really shows off this new sound is “Baby Baby.” The Deep House banger was written, performed and produced entirely by Alvin Harrison. Now with CanTune Records the artist has the opportunity for his songs to reach huge audiences. This one already has over 1 million streams on Soundcloud. 

An interesting dance pop beat jumps out right from the start. Innovative sounds bounce off every angle of the mix. But this is not some sugar coated pop song. Alvin Harrison gets his message out with his raw vocals. Clever wordplay has always been his forte and he shows it off again here. The happy sound bumps along letting a smile creep in as your head bops along. And the whole time you are absorbing the message of a better world.

You can hear and learn more on the Alvin Harrison website HERE.

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