Dancefloor Gold “Laughing In My Sleep” By Haley Gold

When reflecting on one’s life, the sentiment will differ with age. Our constant evolution of who we are today and who we will be tomorrow is intertwined with confidence, experience, and our interest at the time. Researching our featured artist Haley Gold, personal evolution was the theme that struck me. In her early adolescence, Haley mentions wanting to be a singer but not singing yet. She also talks about being a typical high school student who was a little on the shy side. A little surprising considering she was a core member of the high-profile all-female group Dame, launched by Shawn Stockman of Boyz 2 Men. Today, Haley Gold is a burgeoning pop star and her new single “Laughing In My Sleep” is out everywhere.

At its core, “Laughing In My Sleep” is a dance track. Giving the track an edge are nuances of late 80’s pop. Pulsating sub bass gyrates us forward. Dark synths add tension as they build like a growing wave gaining mass before crashing over. Creative percussion accents are a brilliant touch with perfect placements. By its nature, this track is as modern as any current release but I get a little bit of an 80’s hey-day flavor. Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” and a lot of Paula Abdul MTV memories seem to come up for me. Katy Perry is a current day artist whom I hear a bit of in the music.

Haley Gold is a seasoned artist but most importantly her vocal delivery is crisp, sound, and confident. Her vocal command is top-notch as she effortlessly flows through her range like an automatic transmission on a new Maserati. There appears to be a genuine love loss in the pensive build-up that takes us to the edge before tipping over into a dark club banger. We’ve all been there, placing our love and hopes into someone who wasn’t ready, or worse, wasted our time. Love and heartache, a subjects we can all relate to but there’s a bit of schadenfreude going on. When love has soured, how could there not be aptly bringing us “Laughing In My Sleep.”

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