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Brady Novotny Lets Our ‘Passions Collide’

Distortion comes crashing down on us like an unstoppable tidal wave as Passions Collide opens with its title track and welcomes listeners into the guitar-obsessed universe of Brady Novotny. The Pittsburgh axe-slinger whose name you’ll never forget after hearing his all-new full-length album. An acoustic guitar breaks through the whirlwind electricity and spikes the track with a

Rotem is ‘My Favorite Monster’

New York based guitarist Rotem Sivan is a world traveled and diverse artist of great skill. His new album My Favorite Monster is more than a string of ten jazz guitar songs that just showcase Rotem as a great musician. It is full of not only great musicianship but beyond expert melding of many genres,

BENoit VinCent Releases ‘A Few Frames’

Musician and composer BENoît VinCenT has generously released an album entitled A Few Frames Away, a rock creation that eludes to film scores and his own influences as a guitarist.   BENoît VinCent has been involved in many audiovisual projects which is what drew him to create these songs. He is a master of DIY, as