Jake Aaron is ‘Always Seeking’ and Has Been Found

Jake Aaron

The influence of your older relatives can never be overlooked. These individuals usually want nothing but the best for you and will offer their time and knowledge in any way they can. When a musical passion is passed down it can lead to a lifelong journey that you will in turn be asked to pass on to your young folk. Our recent find Jake Aaron had his influencer help in his path to the music he makes today including his most recent record Always Seeking.

Born and raised in London, England, the guitarist and songwriter has been in love with music since his earliest memories. It all started when Jake Aaron’s grandfather gave him a homemade musical pipe he had made out of a reed with a penknife. The amazing ability to create enjoyable music with the most basic of instruments was a huge allure. This musical love grew as Jake Aaron ventured into piano lessons before finding his true love of the guitar in his early teens.

Jake Aaron continued to let musical influences into his soul. Exposure to 80’s synth, SKA, Soul, Classical, Jazz, Prog Rock, and a dose of Heavy Metal has shaped his unique freedom style. There are no boundaries as he lets the music speak to him. He has also made a habit of collaborating with some of the best musicians in the UK.

For his newest album Always Seeking, Jake Aaron delivers a fully immersive experience to just sit back and enjoy. Through 14 trucks we hear a mix of acoustic, rock, blues, saloon piano and a loosely imagined noir Western soundtrack. The opening acoustic guitar meandering of “Canyon” settles us down for the journey in only 48 seconds.

We get sucked in deep by Jake Aaron on “Gotta Believe” as a full assortment of sounds winds its way through the mix. A guest appearance by fusion guitarist John Etheridge on lead guitar shows the talent that Jake is able to work with. The vocal delivery has a style that seems like the singer is talking directly to you, and you alone. 

On “Leave The Light On” the layers are just as impressive. An strummed acoustic guitar meshed with deep bass and the highs of a roaring trumpet will surely peak your interest. The way they all come together is truly unique as they build playfully through the track. Truly some of the best players lending their talents to create something bigger than its parts. The fun ragtime piano of “Lodder’s Lurch” has us pop up again to see what the heck is going on. Jake Aaron has put together more than just a string of songs. This is a full album to be enjoyed all the way through.

The chugging guitar and pickguard slaps of “Engine On” hit the title perfectly. The songwriter’s story telling vocals push the track forward. Some innovative sound design in the chorus adds another level to the song. It hits on multiple genres all in one song. On “The Revenant” we get to hear some more talent on guitar. The way Jake Aaron is able to form unique sounds and then join with collaborators like John Etheridge to add more elegance to the mix is impressive. Some fancy keyboard comes in to add another layer. There is a lot going on here. Sit back and take it all in.

The album closes with the title track “Always Seeking”. It seems meant to sound like a jam session of artists all experimenting and adding their parts to a full experience. There are different parts to follow along with. Acoustic guitar, trumpet, low vocals, etc. This requires a few listens to take it all in but it is surely worth it.

The joy Jake Aaron seems to have in creating music is infections. Learn and hear more music on his WEBSITE.

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