Tim Foley Causes Us To ‘Stop Along The Way’

Tim Foley

As solo songwriters, it is sometimes difficult to get all the sounds we hear in our heads into a recording. When we bring in other band members it can flesh out that full sound. This also allows for other musicians to add their own flair that often makes for a better finished product. (As long as you work with quality musicians, lol). Our friend Tim Foley has done just that with his latest album Stop Along The Way.

The vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter has never tried to make his music fit into an easily describable box. Tim Foley takes from a wide variety of genres including blues, jazz, folk, classical, and funk. His time spent living in New Orleans only furthered this musical freedom as Tim soaked in the city’s tradition of musical experimentation. 

As Tim Foley put together the songs for Stop Along The Way and started performing them solo he soon realized the potential for a bigger sound with the help of a band. In came Richard Gates on Bass, Mike ‘Sax’ McLaughlin on Saxophones, and Fabio Pirozzolo on Percussion. The mesh worked well right off the bat and the band headed to Middleville Studio to record the album live with engineer Chris Rival (Paula Cole, Susan Tedeschi) leading the way.

Right off the bat on the opener “You Don’t Treat Me Right” you can feel the smooth funk the band provides. Nothing attacks but the sounds blend together perfectly as if they need to be together to be heard. The elegant vocals of Tim Foley take it all to an even higher level. The fun sonic experimentation continues on “You Believed It So.” A steady beat keeps time as each instrument adds their flavor to the sonic stew over the 7 and a half minute long track. 

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The title track “Stop Along The Way” builds in a very Jazz influenced way. The sax takes the lead here but the interesting percussion shows off the many directions the Tim Foley Group can go. Smooth yet innovative. The experimental tempos keep coming on “If I Stayed” as the vocals are even delivered with a fresh timing. As you listen you will find yourself drifting from instrument to instrument to voice as each takes you away. May need to repeat this one to absorb it all.

Tim Foley shows off his epic guitar work on “New Time.” He elegantly tickles the strings as the band provides additional layers to complete a full vibe. Again there is a lot going on here but somehow it all blends together effortlessly. Album closer “Southold Morning” again leads with guitar but the tone has changed adding more styles to an album already full of genres. It gives off the feel of an amazing talented group of musicians just sitting around jamming and having a grand old time. Music the way it is experienced best. Joyful fun.

Have a listen and dive deeper on the Tim Foley WEBSITE.

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