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Lyra Star is a performer who has honed her style into an artistry all its own. In the over-saturated music market, she has elevated herself. Her latest release, “Fade”, does not disappoint.

“Fade” works beautifully as a stand-alone tune. With vocal-stylings comparable to Fiona Apple or Enya, Lyra Star creates a meditative experience that is reminiscent of relaxing your body after a yoga session. The music is simultaneously soothing and joyful. If a listener is on the hunt for a song to calm them down in this hectic time, this single might just be the answer to their prayers.

Watch the video for “Fade” below

However, “Fade” as an experience is truly completed upon viewing the complimentary music video. Lyra Star has shown her aptitude for movement-based visual performance in the past, particularly in her music video “Under the Water.” “Fade” continues this tradition, as the artist performs a mesmerizing dance to her music.

Not only is her physical talent breathtaking, but it also matches expertly with the song. Her music and her movement work together to craft a truly contemplative experience. Even the nature featured in the video becomes its own kind of character.

As a self-taught contortionist, “Fade” draws its literal meaning from Lyra Star’s own experience with yoga and dance, and the physical strain that results from them. However, “Fade” has a great deal of relatability for every listener. For some, the song might be about the pressure of isolation and the monotony of our days in quarantine. For others, this track might remind them of a passion that they gave everything to, even though that same passion took everything from them.

“Fade” is, at its core, open to endless interpretation. Lyra Star’s track is accessible to everyone, which is the very thing we need right now. “Fade”, by Lyra Star, is currently available to view.

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