Jason Chaffee Dives Headfirst Into “River to Row”

“River to Row”, from Jason Chaffee, is its own unique rock anthem. With all the lyrical power of ‘80s ballads and the smoothness of modern blues, this tune came at the perfect time in 2020. Chaffee has managed to create a melody that is intense and powerful while also exhibiting great tenderness. Rock has consistently served as a method to achieve catharsis, and Chaffee continues this tradition.

There are very few among us who have not been affected, in some way, by the events of 2020. From natural disasters to a devastating pandemic, nearly everyone has felt the pain of this year. “River to Row” is, at its core, about this very struggle. The lyrics discuss the difficulties of isolation, the pain of uncertainty, and the struggle that each of us faces as we try to heal.

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Through “River to Row,” Chaffee takes the listener on a journey through the many stages of grief that have been thrust upon us. Listening to this track is a kind of audio-therapy. It forces the listener to confront their pain. That is the first step to healing. Chaffee is a wise man, and he infuses that wisdom into his sound.

Between the polished instrumentation and Chaffee’s distinctive vocals, “River to Row” is a special kind of song. Each new listen elevates the song to another level until it transforms into a version of meditation. Chaffee has taken the best elements of rock and made something new out of the customs established by the genre.

Listening to “River to Row” makes it clear that the artist has his own unique style that cannot be replicated or imitated. This track is something genuinely good to have come from 2020. It is currently available to listen to and stream.

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