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Cody Lee has truly dedicated his life to making music and following adventure where it leads. The results have landed him everything from living in England and playing bass with the late, legendary Peter Green to playing over 2000 shows with the Midwest band the Delta Kings. Each chapter of his life lead to a massive repertoire of knowledge and experiences that Cody could pour into his music.

The latest chapter of Cody’s life has been spent dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s destructive effect on the nation as a whole. His time in isolation allowed Cody the opportunity to sit down and reconnect with Nashville musician Kurt Eger. Together, they took the time in isolation to create Cody Lee’s latest album Woodpecker Crisis.

“New Normal” is the opening track off of Woodpecker Crisis and a perfect summation of our current times.

“New Normal” plays like a fresh and funky track from decades ago. Despite talking of the uncomfortableness of the ‘new normal’ and what that entails there’s an overwhelmingly chill vibe to the track that helps you ease into the song’s meaning. Instrumentals perfectly compliment Cody’s smooth and soulful vocals help create the laid back tone that’s present. Most modern music doesn’t have that easy-going feeling anymore, but Cody has nailed that with this single.

It’s incredibly refreshing to listen to a track that focuses in on our current world without the over abundance of negativity. Lee lets his groovy instrumental lines and his emotive and soulful voice do the talking in this song. Within the first fifteen seconds of the song I found myself immersed, dancing along to the funky opening beat.

“New Normal” has left me itching to catch Cody Lee live once the world returns to the old normal, or the new, new normal. The soul and passion present in this track leads me to believe Cody’s live show would be an experience that I wouldn’t want to miss. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more from Cody and you should as well.

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