Learning How To “Smile” Again With Elise Eriksen

“Smile is the latest soft-pop power ballad from Elise Eriksen, a rising star in the music industry. Reminiscent of artists such as Lorde and Stevie Nicks, this track feels like a breath of fresh air.

Perhaps the most vital component of any pop tune is the singer’s voice, and Eriksen’s distinctive sound sets “Smile” apart from any music on the market. Her vocals mesh expertly with the almost haunting melody, which manages to be simultaneously cathartic and upbeat.

It has all the catchiness of 80’s power ballads, successfully capturing their intensity while keeping the tune modern. Despite Eriksen’s young age, she has successfully honed her skills. She understands her musical influences while keeping her style fresh.

Apart from its clear elegance, “Smile” also stands out for its relatability. In the last decade, we have seen a more open acknowledgment of mental health issues, particularly from the younger generation. “Smile,” at its core, is about the painful reality of having to pretend that you are alright just to get through the day.

In a time that is specifically marked for its uncertainty, it has become almost impossible to guess what the future may hold. This song speaks to that fear and doubt. However, Eriksen’s track also encourages the listener not to dwell too heavily on things we cannot control.

Over the past year, we have all been forced to accept that we do not hold dominion over our world. For many of us, that has been a challenging pill to swallow. Yet, “Smile” reminds us to focus on what we can control.

Eriksen encourages her listeners to just continue living, despite the difficulties, and we will come out on the other side. In many ways, “Smile” is about hope. We all could use a little hope right now. “Smile,” by Elise Eriksen, is currently available to listen to and stream.

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