Elise Eriksen’s latest single “Smile” might make you cry

Elise Eriksen, a rising pop star from Norway, released her second single “Smile.” It’s an undeniably raw and emotionally gripping ballad that listeners can tell Elise poured her heart into. The lyrics, vocals, instrumental, and performance are all an undeniable testament to Elise’s ability and potential as an artist and musician.

“Smile” is about exposing the difficult parts of life that make getting out of bed some mornings really hard. It taps into the feeling of having to hide parts of yourself in order to meet other’s expectations of who you should be. As a 17-year-old, this is something Elise says she has grappled with.

Find Your “Smile” With Elise Eriksen

“As a teenager, I really connected with the idea of feeling like you can’t always be completely yourself, which I think is something that a lot of people experience. I want to speak about things that are meaningful. It felt important to put out something that will leave people feeling more in touch with themselves but also more hopeful and uplifted, especially because it has been such a tough year.” – Elise Eriksen

Elise is not just a singer; she is also a skilled pianist. Since “Smile” is a stripped-down ballad, it makes the piano a central part of the track. It is soft, deliberate, and packed with emotion. The song also gives Elise an opportunity to show off some powerful vocals.

“Smile” reveals a softer side to Elise that her debut single “Less” kept a secret. As an upbeat, funky pop track “Less” shows that Elise is an artist that is definitely down to have fun, while “Smile” shows off how thoughtful she can be.

If you’re looking for a new pop artist to listen to, Elise Eriksen is the girl to check out. With “Less” already receiving nearly 1 million streams and more music on the way, Elise is about to explode onto the pop scene.  

photo credit: Diego Andrade

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