Transcending Labels With “Bang Bang”

“Bang Bang” – A Posthumous Release From Harry Hains (ANTIBOY)

“Bang Bang” was just released, and it is the kind of track that only comes around once in a blue moon. Artists of Harry Hains’ caliber are a rarity. There is magical, raw energy to Hains’ music that transcends genres. The artists’ track exists between psychedelic rock and indie grunge. Inspired by Nancy Sinatra’s (Bang Bang (Baby Shot Me Down))’ this track is a testament to the artist’s and talent and creativity.

ANTIBOY is the artistic lens through which we see the essence of “Bang Bang.” This lens shows us a vision of the world in which we are totally free. The music video which accompanies the song pairs this vision with a kind of psychedelic, retro-style videogame landscape.

In “Bang Bang,” the artist creates a world in which we are living at our truest. We are free of the societal labels that always have a hold on us. The death of Harry Hains came as a devastating blow. Yet, “Bang Bang” glows with his energy and passion. He left us a very clear message.

Watch the Music Video for “Bang Bang”

The World of ANTIBOY

The world of ANTIBOY is liberated from the prejudices of our own reality. This is what Harry Hains wants for our own world. He wants all of us to find the same enlightening freedom of ANTIBOY and their reality. In this era of the Black Lives Matter movement, we need a vision like Hains’.

This track is also a vital one for the modern LGBTQIA+ community. “Bang Bang” reminds us as queer individuals that we are moving toward a world where we are not bogged down by societal prejudice or expectations.

Yet, the world of this song is not empty of pain. ANTIBOY and “Bang Bang” remind us that pain is one of the defining traits of humanity. Harry Hains’ “Bang Bang” shows us the importance of acknowledging that pain. He wants us to embrace every part of ourselves.

Every part.

Harry Hains’ (ANTIBOY) is currently available to listen to and purchase. 

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