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Sarah Burton is Royalty With ’64 Magic Queens’

What finds its way to the surface when listening to Sarah Burton’s latest album 64 Magic Queens is the wholesome positivity that flows through the entirety of the album. Despite the less-than-positive subjects that Burton discusses, such as heartbreak and unfulfillment, her Southern State charm delivers the lyrics in a way that immediately gets you

Evan Charles Brings Us ‘ Between Two Worlds’

As a band grows and matures, you will often find their sound changing. This development is great as members work together towards a common goal. A downside of this is that sometimes the individual members lose their own path along the way. One way to alleviate this is to produce a solo record every now

Race To Neptune show us ‘The Dead Sea Sounds’

Race to Neptune are creating timeless psych-rock on their defining new release. The Dead Sea Sounds is the debut album from this Colorado-based band. They are known for their explosive energy in the Fort Collins and Denver scenes, and they translate this effortlessly onto the record. Fans of alt-rock of all varieties can find something