There are many bands that seem much different in a live setting than on an album. Never mind studio tricks and overdubs, there is just a different attitude when a group gets in front of a live crowd eager to see them.  One band I am excited to see live when they finally get out there is our latest find 22 Hertz.

22 Hertz

The Toronto based band has an industrial feel but has more elements of alternative rock to make their music more friendly to the masses.  There are definite comparisons to bands like Nine Inch Nails right away but there is more to 22 Hertz than that.

Their main focus has been on completing their recently released album Detonate.  The 9 track record has all the energy of a band that was determined to get it done.  Opening track ‘Is This Real’ begins with lots of space and leaves the listener to fill in the sound with imagination.  Once the lyrics hit they grab you and it is hard to get away.  The title song ‘Detonate’ is a drum driven powerhouse with gritty guitar fills adding to the attack.  It stretches over 5 minutes and will give your mind a workout.  By the time you get to the closer ‘Darker Shades Of Black’ you will be ready for the more experimental sound.  It creeps and stutters creating a sonic dark wave that will let your mind rest easy.  Go take a listen to the record at : and keep an eye for 22 Hertz on the road to see if they ca reproduce the power of the album.

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