IBG Interview – 11 Questions With…. Cory M Coons

Cory M Coons

Growing up in Eastern Ontario (South of Ottawa), Canada, Cory M Coons has been performing, writing and recording music since age 13. In 2015, he was nominated at the “Producer’s Choice Honors”, (formerly Los Angeles Music Awards), in the “Rock Artist Of The Year” category. In 2014, Coons won the Producer’s Choice Honor for “Studio Album Of The Year” for his Independent EP “Share A Little Time.” Coons also received nominations for “Male Singer/Songwriter” and “Record Of The Year.”




Cory’s eclectic influences include a collection of genres like Melodic Rock and Roots-Rock, blended with hints of Country-Rock. He is a respected freelance guitar instructor in the local St. Lawrence Seaway Valley and at Rock My House Music Centre in Kemptville, ON. Cory has opened and performed alongside internationally recognized Canadian artists like April Wine, Kim Mitchell, Glass Tiger & David Wilcox.



Cory took time out from his schedule to talk to us about all things music.


Thanks for sitting down with us, Cory.  Tell us about the current music scene in Ottawa?

Cory M Coons: It’s ok… Not as lucrative as it once was.


Who are you listening to these days?

CMC: A lot of Beach Boys this past summer, sometimes Tom Petty.


If you could tour with one artist, opening shows, whom would that be?

CMC: Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams would be great… But there are many others. 🙂


Why is “The Long Road Home” an important music release?  Why should new listeners give it a chance?

CMC: I think it kind of gives you a “new” sense of a very melodic rock era, also with good emotional storytelling in the lyrics. And I also think it has a universal appeal as well… I feel it could resonate on different levels with different people.


If you could perform in your dream venue, where would that be, and why?

CMC: Montreal’s Bell Centre, ACC in Toronto, Madison Square Gardens, Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre (or at Landsdown Park). Would also love to play In Nashville… and in L.A. again. 🙂 There are also many smaller, more intimate classic venues that would be great as well!


Your favorite song on your album is?  Why is that?

CMC: Hard to pick a favorite… Probably Long Road (Dead Man’s Dream), Would You Stay, Once Too Many, and Break The Fall.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

CMC: Hopefully still writing, and performing to a wider audience!


What means more to you: Sales, Awards, or critical praise? and why?

CMC: I think it’s a combination of all three… More sales would Great!, lol 😉


Who is your dream collaboration? and why?

CMC: There are a few… Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades, Keith Urban, Brian Wilson. They are all amazing songwriters!


Where do you discover new music?

CMC: I still listen to the radio… Sometimes online too, for new stuff, though.


Any final thoughts, shout outs, lessons for our readers?

CMC: Thanks to all my supporters and fans, I appreciate all of your support everywhere! And to my family! Radio folks and interview hosts so far…And to Michael Stover at MTS Management Group!


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