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Once we are bitten by the bug of creating music, it will never truly let us go. Even after many years it will come calling for us to create new songs. When inspiration strikes, we must act. Our new friend EXIT does it for the love of music.

We caught up with the singer and songwriter to get a little deeper into his 40 years being a part of the musical landscape. Enjoy the interview:

First off, tell us the story about the name EXIT?

in 1981 i was preparing to relocate from detroit to los angeles to pursue my music career the night before i was leaving i got together with all of my old band members for one last jam/party. as the night wore on, we were all pretty much wasted, one of my friends ask me was i driving to la. i said “yep, tomorrow i exit detroit leanin to hollywood” once i hit the road i couldn’t get that line out of my head, so by the time i got to la i had written the song “detroit leanin” and released it in 1982 under the name Exit. and now 40 years later the first single from my lastest project is a tribute to detroit.

How would you describe your sound?

in the early 90’s i was recording at a studio in hollywood called paramount, not related, and i met a producer, Geza X, we worked a lot together then and now and one day i asked him to describe my sound and he said it was eclectic, so that’s pretty much how i would describe my sound.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

it’s really hard to say, i love all types of artists and music and i think that comes out in my sound, but mostly i think i was influenced by i lot of the great blues musicians old and new.

What drives you to create original music?

the desire to be original and to better myself as a songwriter

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

the inspiration finds me, i really don’t have a clue what makes me write a song

Tell us about your songwriting process?

my songs usually start with a chorus or hook, and i build around that with a melody and verse

Share some advice for other artists driving forward.

i’m a strong believer in determinism, so i don’t give much weight to advice. i believe people will do what they are gonna do. but for me the music always comes before the money. that’s why i say i’m a lot like bach, we are both “boroque”

What does the future hold for EXIT?

A fate which awaits us all

Keep up with more from EXIT on his WEBSITE.

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