A great thing about creating music is that there are always people out there that will get what you are doing.  If you get your music out there you will discover like minds that appreciate the sound and can add their own little piece to make it into something even bigger and better.  A good example is the formation of The JJ Evanoff Experience.

JJ Evanoff Experience

What started as a solo project by producer/guitarist JJ Evanoff grew into a full live ensemble experience with the addition of bassist Parker Oberholzer, and drummer BK Kahn.  All three grew up in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado area which became a key inspiration in their spacious sound.  Together they craft a sound based in atmospheric electronica but with classic rock influences.

The latest release by the JJ Evanoff Experience is the single “Breathe Out” which was put out to the public last week for free download.  It is a very pretty piece which incorporates piano to set the mellow tone and vocal samples and high end guitar playing to keep the listeners attention.  Although still electronic at times there is a warmth to the sound that will put any mind at a state of peace.  Have a listen for yourself here:

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