Take off with Kastrup’s New Single, ‘Joanne’


In Denmark, warm, sunny days are a rare commodity. Thus when they make an appearance, Copenhagen-dwellers take full advantage of the sun — donning shorts, eating ice cream, and jumping into the harbor, soaking up every drop of sunlight possible. One common way to take advantage is making the ten-mile journey to the east coast of Amager where you can bask in the coziness of the charming fishing village there and munch on some fresh salmon or smoked herring.


Although not particularly far from Copenhagen, this region gives one a sense of escape. The name of this region as is Kastrup. And the fact that Copenhagen International Airport, often referred to as Kastrup Airport, is located here means one can have the possibility to literally escape.


Kastrup is also the name of the Swedish electro-pop duo Timmie Strandberg and Puppe Westberg. Sharing their name with that of the airport is not a coincidence but a conscious decision reflecting their spirit of escapism.


“Kastrup is the place where you need to go when you want to fly far away, an airport,” said the duo, “but also a ‘no mans land’ place, where the past ends and something new begins. When the youth of Malmö takes the train home after a wet night in Copenhagen, there’s always someone saying ‘Why don’t we just jump out at Kastrup and get the first plane away from here?’”


Their debut EP, In Search of Us, tells two stories: one of a journey as songwriters finding their sound and one of a young couple that can never seem to understand each other. Their single, “Thieves” has a psychedelic, throwback quality to it matching the trends of both music and fashion in Scandinavia.

The track also garnered international appeal and was picked up by Samsung while the accompanying video was nominated for Video of the Year at the Manifest Awards.


Kastrup’s latest single, “Joanne,” feels more melancholic than psychedelic but still has that “throwback” quality somehow managing to fill the listener with a feeling of nostalgia. The rhythm easily and effortlessly entraps you thus enabling you to imagine yourself in the narrative the duo has created.

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