There is a good career waiting for a talented musician to fill in behind popular artists as a touring musician.  These professionals have to be extraordinary on their instrument but do not have the stresses of having to constantly be writing new songs and building their own audience.  This can be a very successful career both monetarily and in chances to see the world but sometimes the urge to play your own music creeps in and a new path must be taken.  One example of a talent touring artist now trying to break out on their own is Kevin Jenkins.

Kevin Jenkins

The professional bassist has already performed at some of the biggest venues in the world such as Tokyo’s Budokan, London’s Albert Hall, and even NYC’s Madison Square Garden over his 38 years in the music scene.  Kevin Jenkins has perfected the ability to jump in and out of genres from rock to folk to blues to fusion.  His skills have been in high demand allowing him to perform with such names as Cyndi Lauper, Enrique Iglesias, Taylor Dayne, Vicki Sue Robinson, Graham Parker, Lamya, and Black 47.  But now there is something more needed in Kevin’s heart, writing and performing his own songs.

He has learned from some of the best to ever record a record and now has released his debut solo album Step Inside.  The 12 track record features a wide array of styles, all of which Kevin Jenkins has seemed to master.     From the quick intro of ‘Flying’ Kevin shows he has a voice that is smooth and can hit the notes needed by any rising star.  The instrumental skill comes into play on the 2nd track ‘What Comes Around’.  This funky little number will get your foot tapping almost instantly as you hear the skill that is present everywhere in the studio.  The reggae influenced ‘Save The Day’ jumped out at me with its fresh style and fun storytelling lyrics.  There is a fun combination of funk fusion and almost gospel like vocal phrasing on ‘Learn To Love’.  A fun listen.  Another nice track is ‘So High’ which drops back the instrumental sound a little to let Kevin’s vocals stand out and let you know that this man can really write a song.  If you appreciate a skilled musician in every sense of the word go give Step Inside a listen at:

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  1. Marcelle

    Kevin I have talking about your early years and remembering growing up in OP
    I’m glad that you are still bringing the funk and congratulations on your success. Reprezent OP🎸

  2. Savina “june” Martin

    So happy to hear my little brother Kevin is doing his thing. The early days spent laughing, throwing snowballs, such innocence. Congratulations,
    June’ of OP, the “bury”

  3. Tipp Harris

    Glad to hear Kev doing his own thing. We grew up together in OP…home of New Edition and other good people!