We at Indie Band Guru receive tons of artists sending us their music every day.  We honestly make a strong attempt to give everything a listen, even if it is only for half a song.  I am a fan of music itself, so genres do not really matter but there has to be a real passion for the artist to try to set themselves apart from the rest of the copycat bands out there.  I will be the first to say that not all the music is good, but I try to find an aspect of it to focus on where the artist is doing something right.  Today’s submission is interesting to say the least.  Here is Renaissance.

The music is the project of Rich Wadsworth of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  By going to his Soundcloud page I got to see and hear the tremendous musical output of this seemingly eccentric man.  The song chosen for me to focus on was ‘Mount Everest’.  As with all the songs I did get to listen to, it is an instrumental electric guitar track.  This is no ordinary song structure but rather sounds like a mad man noodling on his guitar with some imaginative effects.  I was told that the song title is set to represent the peaks of the mountain as the two guitar solos with the valley in between building up to it.  This is not music for the unimaginative but an entertaining listen if you just let it go in the background and let your mind freely wander.

If you feel you are ready for it, go take a listen at:

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