We do not often like to write about bands until we have had a chance to listen to a full album or at least an EP.  But sometimes we hear a song that truly grabs us and must be shared with the rest of the world.  You should know by now that we love breaking great new bands before anyone else, lol.  Please allow us to be the first to introduce you to Shadow Of Whales.

The alternative-indie band from Austin, TX has shown some real promise right from the get go.  The group of guys; Joshua-vocals, Caleb-drums, Chris-lead guitar, Jeremy-bass, and JD-keys/glockenspiel, are all songwriters with past band experience and have made the decision to aggressively seek full-time careers in the music business.  This combination and passion for music has set the band on the right path.  Their sound has big guitar swells, keys filling the sonic space, and five part harmonies that would make any band jealous.  This is forward thinking indie pop.

We came across Shadow Of Whales’ short music video for “Just A Little” and were immediately impressed.  There were traces of early Killers(when they were great) and Franz Ferdinand that jumped out at me right away.  I was taken aback by the energy of the song and instantly went on a search for more thinking the band must have been together for years already to have produced something like that.  I was wrong.

This was their only song available, but I got in touch with them just in time to get a listen to their next single “Dream” which hit the internet yesterday January 21st.  This track is even larger than the first.  It opens with an atmospheric sound before jumping into a stripped down chugging guitar and vocal lead.   The full band comes in to build up the wall of sound to accompany the very pop friendly feel.  The group sing-a-long adds to the warm, fuzzy feeling “Dream” will give you.  Shadow Of Whales has the tunes and the drive to make a big impact on the strong local Austin scene and beyond.  They are keeping the momentum going with an EP planned for the spring and plenty of shows to introduce themselves to new fans.  Keep up with Shadow Of Whales and download “Dream” for free at: http://www.shadowofwhales.com/ and don’t forget you heard them first at Indie Band Guru.

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