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IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Inhuman Condition

Florida death metal legend Terry Butler (OBITUARY, DEATH, MASSACRE, SIX FEET UNDER) has joined up with fellow former MASSACRE members Jeramie Kling (also of VENOM INC, THE ABSENCE, GOREGÄNG) on drums/vocals and Taylor Nordberg (THE ABSENCE, GOREGÄNG) on guitar to form INHUMAN CONDITION. New on the scene, the group is set to release their debut album, “Rat God” on June 4th.  We had a

Disinterment is Here With ‘DEMONIACAL Dispel’

There are many death metal bands that now in the middle of the first decade of the 2000s manufacture brutality and viciousness. Disinterment’s EP entitled “Demoniacal Dispel” unpretentiously delivers pure and unadulterated mayhem and monstrousness with rabid onslaught that smashes you with “Depredated Daemon” then roars furiously and builds tension track after track to “Dispossessed”,