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Inhuman Condition

Florida death metal legend Terry Butler (OBITUARY, DEATH, MASSACRE, SIX FEET UNDER) has joined up with fellow former MASSACRE members Jeramie Kling (also of VENOM INC, THE ABSENCE, GOREGÄNG) on drums/vocals and Taylor Nordberg (THE ABSENCE, GOREGÄNG) on guitar to form INHUMAN CONDITION.

New on the scene, the group is set to release their debut album, “Rat God” on June 4th.  We had a chance to sit down with the death metal supergroup to get a little behind the scenes of what they have in store for us. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, how did the name Inhuman Condition come about?

All three of us have been in Massacre, Terry being a core member for several albums, and Jeramie and I briefly in 2019/2020, when we wrote what was to be their new album.  We eventually had to leave the situation and we decided to keep the music alive rather than it just be scrapped.  So after our split with Massacre, we talked with Terry, and he had checked out the music and loved it, so it was obvious that he should be in the band! The band’s name is obviously half a reference to the 1992 Massacre EP that Terry was a part of, and half just a super badass metal band name!  I think it’s a perfect name for 2021 as well, because the human race is pretty insane right now.

How would you describe your music without any of the boring generic genre descriptions?

Incredibly head-bangable! Groovy, intense, catchy, not over-complicated.  Music to smash-a-city-to bits-with-your-foot to.

Which bands have had the greatest influence on you?

Well, the album was written to be a new Massacre album, so naturally, those early releases were influential in the process. Death, Celtic Frost, Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura, Napalm Death, Obituary. We all are personally influenced from a wide variety of bands.  I’m influenced by anything from Aerosmith to Megadeth to Frank Zappa to Alice In Chains to Keep Of Kalessin to Simon & Garfunkel.

What is your songwriting process? How does a song come together for Inhuman Condition?

Usually I will demo out some riffs in somewhat of a song structure, or close to a finished song.  Then Jeramie will help out with arrangements and extending/cutting sections, or maybe we tweak/change a riff.  Then Jeramie and Terry write/work out their parts, then we record.  On this album, Jeramie actually wrote drums first for two of the songs.  “Tyrantula” and “Planetary Paroxysm” were written on drums first, then I went and wrote riffs to his drums.  It’s a fun/refreshing way to write a song because it ends up being very rhythmic because I have something to write to.  We write the same with Jeramie and I’s other band Goregäng, where I play drums, and we split guitar duties.

Tell us about your new album?

Rat°God is our first album together, and we are self-releasing it on June 4th.  We have also partnered up with several labels around the world to ensure we hit all parts of the globe!  We will release it on our bandcamp page digitally, on CD, and available as a limited CD box set.  It will be out digitally through Blood Blast Distribution, and we have also signed a vinyl deal with Black Serpent Records.

What do you hope that the listener takes away from your music?

A stiff neck, and a sore back! I think it’s inspiring because it’s so intense, and it moves so much.  I think the track sequencing is pretty great because it takes you on a journey.  It’s not just all fast, or all slow.  Hopefully they will take the riffs and drum fills with them, because I think it’s pretty accessible music, as far as death metal goes. 

Share some advice for other hard-working bands striving for success in the new music industry?

If you care enough, you’ll never give up! Believe in yourself, don’t be a punisher, and work hard! 

What does the future hold for Inhuman Condition?

The album drops on June 4th digitally and on CD, then (due to COVID manufacturing delays) the vinyl will be out August 6th, and that will be a very special release.  We just played our first show this last weekend here in Florida with our pals in Deicide, and we can’t wait to play more shows.  We will also most likely have some more music out by the end of the year!

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