Steve Grozier Delivers A Beautiful Debut Album With ‘All That’s Been Lost’

Steve Grozier

Steve Grozier has teased what was to come in his new album with the release of his singles “Memories” and “Power in the Light”. It showed how his songwriting has evolved from his previous releases, My Leave EP and A Place We Called Home EP. But, he still maintained his reputation for honest and heartfelt lyrics accompanied by a delicate vocal style oozing with emotion. 

The road to completing his new album All That’s Been Lost has been a longer process than planned. Like many other musicians, the pandemic hinders much of their plans. However, for Grozier, he was happy to have the extra time and let his songs develop naturally. Together with his bandmate and multi-instrumentalist Roscoe Wilson (Anton & The Colts), they put the final pieces together. When talking about his new collection of songs, he says, “There’s some darkness and pain in there, and I think that comes with ageing. The older you get, the better acquainted with loss you become, I think. There’s some hope in there too. The idea that it’s worth the struggle, it’s worth trying, that there’s a light on somewhere.” Now All That’s Been Lost is out for the whole world to enjoy.

On first listen of All That’s Been Lost, the first thing that stands out is its sound. There’s an old soul woven within its music where it has heart and honesty, making it so compelling. This is clear from its opening track, “Twenty-Third Street” which begins with Grozier and his guitar blending to create a mesmerising tone. Soon, he lets his story start with the lines, “Well, the hotels in Chelsea well they’re bleak and they’re dull / But I’m tired and it’s cold out and the snow is coming down.” It’s difficult for the listener not to become drawn by how each word is delivered. 

As the opening track proved, Grozier has a voice that is beautiful on the ears. It is a talent that continues throughout “Blue And Gold” and “Memories”. Of the two, it is “Memories”, which highlights this talent the most. He draws in the listener straight away with the opening lines, “Coffee in the morning, comb your hair / An empty sky and a loaded look / I know my best days may have passed / The light of my love is burning on.” Even as the song continues, the warmth and natural manner of how he shares his tale is a delight to take in.

Watch the video for “Power In The Light” below

The calibre of the songwriting has been impressive so far. However, “Power in the Light” offers something extra special. It’s a song about hope, which he describes as finding “whatever you need it to be or wherever you find the strength to go on. To keep trying!” He opens up with words that confirm how tough life can be. He does so with the lines, “I followed the blues down a long black road / I saw the beauty and I saw the loss.” But as he mentioned, it is a song about strength and never giving up. It is a message which radiates in the delivery of the line “There’s power in the light.” It is a simple line with so much power, especially in the way it is delivered. Seeing it out is a fantastic instrumental, including a sublime guitar solo.

So far, Grozier has grabbed most of the attention around his voice and the music he creates. However, his lyrical and storytelling qualities deserve respect too. He has already highlighted it with the first half of the album. But, with “Charlie’s Old Mustang/Graveyard”, this side of his craft stands out further as he paints the scene with his words. He does so with lines such as “She was born in a real small town, somewhere north of where the snow came down / And the moon well it bleeds for her she rides on the back of Charlie’s old mustang bike.” It is a trait that continues throughout “When the Darkness Comes” and “Sam, I Know You Tried.”

However, the depth of his songwriting excels further with the album’s finale, “I Miss my Friend”. It is a track dedicated to one of Grozier’s heroes Neal Casal. As always, his acoustic guitar sets the tone. Soon his story begins with “I see his eyes and they burn just like embers / Underneath that starless sky.” The delivery of his words is a little different, as it has more of a country feel with his vocals. Doing so adds more emotion to his tale about missing a friend. There is so much soul in the delivery, perfectly showcasing how heartfelt his songs can be. It is a touching tribute as the chorus reflects with the lines, “I miss my friend and I miss the way he sings / I miss my friend my friends and I miss the way he sings.” 

All That’s Been Lost is a beautiful collection of songs showing Steve Grozier at his best

It is a beautiful way to end such a sublime collection of songs. There is no doubt this is Steve Grozier at his best and deserves the praise it will receive. Press play on All That’s Been Lost and enjoy what this talented songwriter has created. 

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