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Timeseven Brings Warmth on ‘When You’re Home’

Music will always have amazing powers. Whether just listening to get away from the realities of your life or creating music to share your own stories and struggles, music can be exactly what you need it to be. That power is undeniable. Our recent discovery William Hayden and his Timeseven Productions are a great example

Naomi Taylor Now Has A ‘Friend Like That’

When an artist accepts that music can be just what they need it to be it can open the floodgates of inspiration. Allowing your true thoughts and emotions to come through in your songwriting not only helps you, but also creates real connections with the listeners that can relate to your struggles and successes. Our

TAHLS Premieres ‘Life Is Weird’

For a true songwriter, music will mirror their life. In quite an uncertain time over the past few years, that mirror has shown some pictures that are not that pretty. We have all dealt with a lot. Our recent discovery TAHLS lets his music show the chaos that he has personally experienced.  To deal with