Naomi Taylor Now Has A ‘Friend Like That’

Naomi Taylor

When an artist accepts that music can be just what they need it to be it can open the floodgates of inspiration. Allowing your true thoughts and emotions to come through in your songwriting not only helps you, but also creates real connections with the listeners that can relate to your struggles and successes. Our recent discovery Naomi Taylor has discovered this freedom and is now sharing it with the world.

It all started when she was 15 years old growing up in Lucedale, Mississippi. Hearing songwriting legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Michael Jackson, and The Eagles inspired Naomi Taylor to dive into her own music. She calls music her ‘safe space’ that she can escape to whenever she needs to. This allows Naomi to write down to earth songs about easier times as well as hardships packaged into a catchy melody that anyone can listen to and enjoy. Now a member of Mississippi Songwriter’s Alliance, she continues to work on her craft performing at a variety of bars, coffehouses, festivals, and events. Naomi Taylor also serves as a worship minister using her music to inspire and better society.

‘Friend Like That’ by Naomi Taylor

The newest single by Naomi Taylor is the emotional “Friend Like That.” There is a soothing vibe throughout the track but as we dive into the lyrics there are some deep thoughts and realities shared. Unafraid to tell it how it is and share her real thoughts allows Naomi to be her true self. She lets us know what she deserves and is willing to push through to get it. The slow drum beat of the song keeps the pace but the energy builds as more sounds enter the mix with some spacy keyboard lines and powerful guitar to bring the track to a climax. Energy and emotion collide effortlessly.

We are excited to hear more from Naomi Taylor. Keep up with more music on her WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.

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