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Arienne Hearts Charlie Is Putting On The Greatest Show

Arienne Hearts Charlie, the impressively accurate name of jazz duo and married couple Arienne and Charlie, who released their newest album The Greatest Show on September 17th. Along with their career as musicians, both Arienne and Charlie are mental health professionals, and believe in the healing power of music. Though they grew up not far

Dave Bass Expands With ‘The Trio, Vol 1’

Anyone who has ever taken even a few lessons on piano can appreciate the amazing sound it can create. There is a beauty to the feel of hitting keys in varying combinations to make music. Many people will fall off when it gets difficult (or when their parents stop making them take lessons, lol). The

Bob Sabellico Offers New ‘Influence’

We all hear about the dream stories of a big name band (or manager, or A&R person) seeing an artist playing a local show and being chosen for a huge whirlwind success story. They have made plenty of movies about it. It is not a common occurrence and happens less and less in today’s music