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Feel The Power of ‘The Day the Lady Cried’

The Day the Lady Cried is the latest release from The Nied’s Hotel Band, featuring John Vento. Anyone familiar with John Vento’s solo work will immediately know that this is likely to be a very personal, specific song, especially when you know that the eponymous ‘Lady’ of the title is the Statue of Liberty. Visiting

Charlie Barrale Shares Life in “For Me”

For musical inspiration a songwriter must be willing to look within and share pieces of their own life. This has the ability of creating a real relatability to the listener as well. Our recent discovery Charlie Barrale took his time to share his intimate life on new single “For Me.” Based in St. Louis, Missouri,

Mark Newman Commemorates 100th Anniversary of the Black Wall Street Massacre with ‘Tulsa’

“Tulsa”, a new track by Singer/Songwriter Mark Newman co-written with Walter Roberti in remembrance of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, (which will be marking it’s infamous 100th anniversary this Memorial Day) is available now on Soundcloud. The Tulsa race massacre (known alternatively as the Tulsa race riot, the Greenwood Massacre, the Black Wall Street