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Go “Crazy” for Juliana Hale

“Crazy” from Juliana Hale will have your head spinning. This earworm, which features rapper Derek Minor, is a tightly-wound pop/R&B hit from start-to-finish. Hale’s commanding voice, emotive enough to feel as though this listener is just as rousing as she is, echoes the same female empowerment as what we’re hearing from artists like Pink, Christina

LDR Life Introduces Us To His New World

It is an unfortunate fact that many artistic minds often turn to drugs to try to find peace. This can lead down a terrible rabbit hole sometimes. Other times music can come in to act as a savior and pull these creative people out of the darkness and into a place of peace and rebirth.

IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… RATINOFF

For an artist, their music should always be an evolving organism. When it gets stagnant the creative flow dies. Our recent find RATINOFF has been making music for quite a while and seems to keep experimenting with new flavors. His latest single/video “Light Me Up” is proof of that. We caught up with the multitalented