So yesterday we wrote about a young artist that has been on the path of stardom since she was 13 years old.  The other side of the spectrum amazes me just as much.  When an older musician who has been in the real world for a while and has achieved success in other areas of life, such as working for a living, and then goes back to a music career it is truly a testament to the passion that playing music can have in a person.  Today’s feature is on Doug Prescott, who has done just that.

The Doug Prescott Band is an Americana/Blues/Alt Country group from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The leader of the band is actually Doug Guild, the president and CEO of Prescott Environmental Associates, a Chapel Hill consulting firm that helps clients keep their operations clean and green.  By night Guild goes by the moniker Doug Prescott to pursue his dream while performing soulful blues tunes that take hard-hitting shots at corporate excess that wouldn’t fly in his day job.  Jordan Lawrence from the Independent compares him to the exploits of the rich and excessive Bruce Wayne as he dons the cape and mask to crush thugs as Batman, only Prescott throws on colorful leisure shirts and jeans to attack his foes.

Next week The Doug Prescott band will be releasing Hot Night In November, a live album featuring 13 songs from the bands catalog.  I had listened to their previous album The Journey & The Deep Blue Sea, which shares some songs with the new live album, but I can honestly say the new live version of these songs really ups the ante.  It is produced extremely well by Tony Bowman and Doug Prescott letting the listener feel like he was actually at the show that sweltering night in early winter.  The bluesy sing along of ‘Oh Maggie’ shows off the storytelling of Doug and his ability to welcome the listener into the song.  Each track on the record is an opportunity to hear expert musicians playing their instruments to their fullest potential.  There are no slackers here.  The closer ‘Little Elvis And Fat Cat Eddie’ is a fun song that features many different instruments to create a full wall of intricate sound.  A perfect close to a good live album.

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